Marine, Industrial & Transportation Services

Under EPSS Technical Guideline (TG) 26, used oil is classified as hazardous waste.

Establishments that generate used oil are legally responsible for its proper disposal, Hence it is crucial that specialists are contacted to manage the activity.

As leaders in providing such service, we ensure that waste oil collected from client is disposed of as per environment rules and regulations, using best time-proven methods.

AET is at service to this industry, on 24 hours call, seven days a week attending to the needs of our clients. Our professional and fully trained and dedicated technicians can handle any of the following services at any time:

AET provides pumping out, collection, cleaning, disposal or recycling of waste from both onshore and offshore vessels.

  • Collect the hazardous waste for either recycling or disposal purposes.
  • Remove, clean and disposal of vessels waste oil which are considered as hazardous in nature.
  • Remove, clean and disposal of industrial waste oil  which is considered as hazardous by UAE Environment regulations.
  • Remove, clean and disposal of waste oil, sediment.
  • Tank cleaning services for different tanks volumes and types.
  • Waste oil collected from different sources is stored for treatment when needed prior to delivering to disposal sites authorized by UAE government, for waste minimization and disposal purposes.

Being on 24 hours call basis, you could contact our qualified representative, who can tackle your most crucial emergency needs.
Currently while continuing to be among one of the most prominent transporters of hazardous waste oil disposal companies in UAE, AET continues to expand and innovate.