AET provides collection

AET provides  collection, removal, cleaning disposal or recycling services to industrial companies (e.g. Maintenance shops, lube centers, industrial plant processing petrochemical products..) within UAE.

  • Collect the hazardous waste oil for either recycling or disposal purposes.
  • Collect, remove, and dispose all waste lube oil from vehicles.
  • Collect, remove, and dispose used / waste oil from all machine and engine maintenance shops other than cars garages.
  • Collect, remove,  and dispose used / waste oil  from garages other than lube oil.
  • Collect, remove, and dispose all waste oil previously used as coolant in machines and other metal works.
  • Tank cleaning services for different tanks volumes and types, such as Sewage Tanker or septic tanks.
  • Waste oil collected from different sources is stored for treatment prior to delivering to disposal facility authorized by UAE government.