Transportation & Recycling sector

Whether your operation requires a response truck with a two-person crew, or a fleet of specially designed emergency response vehicles, our services are available round the clock.
Promptness, safety, reliability are our core virtues and value added service, give real boost to our organizations growth.
AET has all the resources to handle your operational needs.
We offer a variety of large capacity pump trucks that are self contained for ease and quick pick up of spills.
AET pump truck fleet consists of :

  • 14,000 gal/ Truck Capacity with high pressure pump
  • 12,500 gal/ Truck Capacity with high pressure pump
  • 5,500  gal/ Truck Capacity with high pressure pump
  • 2,500  gal/ pump trucks.

All AET trucks are capable of handling the pumping and transportation/disposal needs. We are always ready to respond to any type of waste oil removal pumping job.
In the event of a hazardous spill or leakage, we  can meet all your collection, containment, clean up, and disposal / transportation requirement.
AET has the preparedness to handle any emergency by providing experienced, trained, qualified employees, necessary equipment and means for disposal.