About AET

AET was established in 1997 in U.A.E, we started setting up our group in the right manner to enable us to grow and be one of the pioneers in the field.

From our Imagination out to the World…

To provide professional protection and safety services for a better environment and healthy atmosphere surrounded by United Arab Emirates political border and international waters.

Making It for Real…..

Then came making it real, our corporate services, which defined what we are going to do over the next five years as the first steps on the road to delivering our Vision. The work has already started on making our vision a reality – sea and land are cleaner than at any time on record, industrial pollution has been cut and controlled by U.A.E's Authorities.

AET Environmental Policy
recognizes that good management practice includes all environmental matters that ensure environmental protection and prevention of air, sea and land pollution as part of all decisions, policies and practices in U.A.E.

AET is working towards the following corporate guiding principles:

  • AET manages its operations with diligence and awareness as its main goal is to protect the environment and prevent pollution by employing the best control mechanisms, procedures and processes which are technologically proven and economically feasible.