AET Guiding Principles

AET works towards the following corporate guiding principles:

  • AET manages its operations with diligence and awareness which is its main goal. To protect the environment, prevent pollution by employing the best control mechanisms, procedures and processes which are technologically proven and economically feasible.

  • Complies with relevant environment legislation, corporate guidelines and implement proactive self-monitoring to ensure compliance.

  • Training its employees to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance; Initializing to comply fully with the requirements of ISO 14001:1996.

  • Stringent focus on primary environmental concerns.

  • Measures environmental foster openness, dialogue, enhanced communication and discussion with employees , customers, suppliers, contractors and all interested parties regarding environmental performance, objectives and targets.

  • Access performs by conducting regular environmental audits and assessments of compliance with the Environmental policy, relevant environmental legislation and the requirements of the company.