AET Team

“ By initially setting standards to serve our customers, on first opening our doors, AET Group has always strived to exceed the expectations of clients thus leaving a completely satisfying experience with the quality of work. ”

Highly motivated, Trained And Competent work force

Our team consist of over 35 trained emergency responders, environmental experts and regulatory agents ensuring a thorough and appropriate response as well as strict compliance with regulations.

Fully armed with the most up-to-date tools, equipment and machineries, AET Group operates throughout the Emirates and is tasked to clean, de-sludge and de-muck, wet and dry, hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

We are positioned to handle the most complex tank cleaning work, be it on-shore or off-shore.


State of Equipments

AET has all the resources to handle your operations and needs.

AET offers a variety of large capacity pump trucks that are self contained for ease and quick pick up of spills- either liquid or solid. AET pump truck fleet consists of:

    • 14,000 gal/ Truck Capacity with high pressure pump

    • 12,500 gal/ Truck Capacity with high pressure pump

    • 5,500 gal/ Truck Capacity with high pressure pump

    • 2,500 gal/ pump trucks.

All of the trucks are capable of handling clients pumping and transportation/disposal needs and can be used for hazardous or non Hazardous materials. We are ready to respond to any type of waste oil removal pumping job.

Ready for Action

Our response team is available round the clock to mobilize necessary equipment and manpower. From major environmental disasters to simple warehouse spills, no emergency is too big or too small.